Best identity theft protection services 2020/2021

More and more users keep private information on laptops. This data includes not only accounts keys but also bank and passports details, identification number, email and so on. This data, and money together with it, could be stolen in the Net. Reports show that a few million users fall on the theft’s trap and lose a few billion dollars, i.e. in average, thousand dollars losses for each victim each year.

Identity theft is illicit using private information for withdrawing money from the card, buying something at the expense of others or taking a huge loan on somebody’s name. To prevent this, it is recommended to use special programs to save data. Theft protection services examine Internet resources for unusual and potentially illegal activities, – that’s how it works. If such observable and there is the possibility of identity theft, the user is notified via message, e-mail or otherwise to close such sites, lock the credit cards and take other measures to protect himself.

Find out here the best identity theft protection services to protect private information from illicit use.

Review of the best identity theft protection services 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Every year theft finds more and more means to steal your identity and money. The bright side is that developers improve their applications against identity thefts each year and new ones appear on the market.  Let’s see how the top 3 protection services change every year since 2018 (each one will have a little description with their main proposals).

Top 3 in 2018:

  1. Experian Creditexpert

Among advantages there were messages on suspicious activities and wide range assistance with credit cards. It cost to user approximately £15 per month.

  1. Cifas Protective Registration

This program was in need after data leak because helped to make ID thefts harder to do. It wasn’t available in most regions and cost £20 per two years.

  1. Checkmyfile

It helped to warn on fraud on the accounts and combined 4 credit score agencies.

Top 3 in 2019:

  1. LifeLock

This app has a partnership with Norton 360 and can monitor a lot of accounts, such as investment or retirement and at the same time, it is one of the most expensive apps.

  1. Identity Guard

It has a lot of monitoring systems, including AI scanning and other stuff.

  1. AllClear ID

This app, among others, proposes identity repairs utility and immediate phone alerts.

Top 3 in the first half of 2020 (read comparison in the next paragraph)

  1. Identity Force

It can propose a lote of utilities, that includes identification against medical fraud.

  1. LifeLock

This app continues to provide good assistance (described above).

  1. ID Watchdog

This app provides with a specialist who can assist you in case of stealing the information.

If to sum up this brief analysis, it can be stated that every year more and more theft protection services appear, and new tools take the top 3 positions. Let’s take a look at new tools to see which could top the list in the second half of 2020 and in 2021.

What are the best identity theft protection services to choose for 2020- or 2021-year’s subscription?

Let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of top monitor programs 2020 with the new one to see which market advantages the last propose.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Reasonable price;
  • Monitors social media for the leak of your personal data;
  • Monitors health insurance for suspicious activities or fraud;
  • Offers only two variants of subscription;
  • Don’t provide a refund for canceling of membership
  • LifeLock provides assistance in partnership with Norton 360;
  • It has all-around assistance, that includes monitoring of investment and retirement accounts;
  • It provides with insurance up to 1 million dollars, covering stolen money and attorney fees;
  • It is one of the most tools;
  • In 2015 it was fined by Federal Trade Commission for deceptive adds and not securing users information;
ID Watchdog
  • Assistants provide the client who have suffered from money stealing before subscription on ID Watchdog with the help;
  • Much cheaper other programs;
  • It provides with access to credits statements and very simple in use;
  • There is no trial subscription or money refund if customer cancels subscription;
  •  For getting full assistance and recovery after money loss you should pay some additional fees;
  • Use artificial intelligence to provide every client with individual recommendations against thefts;
  • Provides the customer with 24/7 expert assistance and notifies on suspicious action customer on real-time in social networks;
  • Provides full range protection assistance, including monitoring against phishing and spyware;
  • Currently available only for Mac users;
  • Unrecognizable as it was launched recently;


What is the best identity theft protection service?

As you can see, every protection service has own advantages and disadvantages. But it is worth to emphasis on individual program protection based on the user’s day-by-day behavior provided by Clario.

Artificial Intelligence ensures that each customer will receive top protection based on its individual requirements. Even though it is the new app on market, Clario is enough reliable to become acquainted with its subscription details.