How to avoid identity theft?

Identity theft is almost the most popular digital fraud which threatens money stealing. See below how to avoid identity theft.

Researches show that in 2016 1/10 Americans suffered from identity theft, losing more than one thousand dollars. The problem is that knowing personal data, offenders could publish it, sell on the darknet, or just use it for withdrawing money from the credit cards, taking a loan on behalf of you etc. If you keep a lot of information on Mac, visiting suspicious sites, downloading unknown apps threaten with downloading viruses that might leak the information.

How to avoid identity theft: use further lifehacks

You can take these life hacks for increasing personal security on Mac and avoid dangerous consequences:

  1. Don’t share social security numbers with anybody.
  2.  Use a shredder to delete documents with data.
  3. Use different complex passwords (random numbers and letters) on Mac to avoid identical passwords for all accounts.
  4. Pay special attention to your email and Facebook, because if you got access to them, the offender could get access to any account.
  5.  Use double authentication if possible.
  6. Regularly check bank records. Beware if small changes were made without your consent.
  7. Freeze the credits cards with the reporting bureaus – and unfreeze while using.

Sadly, even that cannot assure enough ID protection. To do more, you can use identity theft protection services on Mac, such as Clario, which scans suspicious activity and notifies you to avoid theft.


Take the further steps to download on Mac the right protection service

1. Download the file with the app on Mackeeper website.

  1.     Launch the file and install the MacKeeper (press Continue).

  1.     Move the file to Trash and give the full disk access to MacKeeper.

3.1.  Open Apple menu – then System Preferences.

3.2  Choose Security & Privacy.

3.3  Click the Lock and enter the password. Choose Privacy.

3.4  Choose Full Disk Access on the left menu. Then press tick on the MacKeeper and press Quit Now.

  1.     Launch the MacKeeper.
  2.     Choose ID Theft Guard on the left menu and press Open.

  1.     After that click on can new email and enter your email. Pres on Start scan.

  1.     After than turn on monitoring.

Now your Mac is totally protected.