Online threats of becoming a victim of bank fraud

Every year the United States alone witness some 27 million victims to ID theft. Among them there are a lot of Mac users. This digital crime can be a serious threat to your bank reputation. It might take a lot of time and effort to get over it. You mustn’t let it happen to you, no way! But how is it possible to avoid such bad situations?

ID fraud is a case when criminals try to steal money and ID data from your bank account.

In case of ID theft, criminals use your private information (ID) to open accounts or carry out transactions in your name.

Professional ID thieves resort to a number of techniques how to steal your data, for instance:

  • dumpster diving (they look for your trash in order to get your personal info and bank details);
  • skimming (your card details are stolen while you are using an ATM);
  • phishing (criminals pretend to be financial institutions and call you to get your personal information, another instance of identity theft);
  • changing your address (they change the address to which billing statements are sent by completing a “change of address’ form).

Protecting bank accounts from identity theft

To prevent the cases of ID theft and fraud online, you should be careful. For Mac users, it is advisable to never click on links in unsolicited emails they receive not to be a victim of theft. If this email looks suspicious, do not open it. When using banking services, type in the Web address that you know. Next thing is protection of your passwords:  you should use different passwords for your social media websites, credit/debit card, and other accounts. For Mac users it is important to install very good protection software. Get a “firewall,” which prevents others from getting the data on your device or Mac computer. Purchase goods only on those websites that you are really sure of, with good reputation. Also, protect your SSN and never write it on paper or notebook.

All in all, you should protect your bank cards and identity as if they were real paper money.

Keep your private information secure, using your Mac, be careful with your bank account numbers.

If you’re buying online on your Mac, make sure that the website is trusted.