Some steps how to protect you online

You should be careful not to over share your private info since professional thieves may be hunting for your data online. They will be particularly interested in your address, children’s names, your birth date, and other private details to commit identity theft.

Be aware of the fishing. It is particularly dangerous, so you mustn’t give away private details on the phone or on the Internet. Be careful, especially Mac users.

You should always check your credit report and address the authorities in case you find something suspicious.

A very good piece of advice for Mac users is to create strong passwords to avoid identity theft. If you create easy ones, thieves will be just glad to hack your accounts. How to make passwords difficult? Try combining numbers, letters, adding special characters and changing upper case.

Be careful while using public Wi-Fi. Hackers can easily get your phone or send a virus. You should also download apps from trusted sources if identity theft is a real issue for you.

How do I protect myself from identity theft?

Your behavior on the Internet can influence your being vulnerable to online threats and crime. You should bear in mind some important things.

Firstly, be aware who you share your private data online using your gadgets or iMac.

Another important issue for Mac users is that when you name your home Wi-Fi network, the name mustn’t contain any private information, for example, your home address. For instance, if your street address is 23 Peter Square, you mustn’t name your Wi-Fi network, “23 Peter.”

You must also create a strong password for your Wi-Fi network – it must be unique too. In that case, the intruders-to-be won’t be able to access your network.

Please see to it that the passwords you have for banking accounts are unique too. If you choose the same or similar one on to many accounts, it might be easy to remember for you, but when professional hackers get one of your passwords, they might try out your stolen password on other accounts. That’s a very good way, how I can protect myself from online crime.