What is an identity theft and is there any cure?

Our everyday life is spinning around computers: you use your Mac to chat, complete work tasks,buy goods and more. What if we tell you that your  address, identification number,your whole identity are put under the risk of being stolen at this very second? Learn how to reduce the risk of getting damaged by identity theft below.

Identity theft is a type of crime aimed at taking possession of personal information of an individual for the purpose of making transactions or purchases without his consent. Thieves know how to commit it in various ways. Actions done by the thief may damage your credit status, so you will have to take your time and money to get your good name back. The good news is that there are many tips on how to protect your data and reduce the risk of getting damaged by identity theft right from this article.

How to protect your Mac from identity theft online?

At first, download an app from the official website. It will become your main protection from identity theft. Enter the link https://mackeeper.com and press the “Download” button.



Second, double-click on the pkg file in the “downloads”. The Install MacKeeper will appear on your screen. Press “Continue” to proceed.





Now you may see a window asking you to click “Install” button.






In some cases, you may need to configure the System Requirements to allow this app to be installed. Enter the username and password.



Once completed, MacKeeper will ask you to scan your Mac. Among all, the app checks if your data is protected from the thieves.




When finalized, you can fix all the detected issues by clicking “Activate and Fix”.





If you want to move directly to identity theft protection right from the beginning, open the “ID Theft Guard” window.




Now you need to create an account to allow the MacKeeper to check your email on potential data leak.





The app completes the security check instantly. For more serious protection, you can turn on non-stop monitoring.